Daniele Serras „Veins and Skulls“

Unique images from a unique mind – Daniele Serras „Veins and Skulls“
(Dieser Artikel erscheint zunächst in Englisch, später auch auf Deutsch…)

I recieved this book – Skulls and Veins – by Daniele Serra a couple of days ago. Why did it take me some time to tell you how I like it?

Was it due to Christmas?
No, far from it. Best time of the year.

Was it due to Volker missing his words?
No, that happens very seldom. So they say.

Was it due to the content didn’t get me?
Haha, that is unthinkable. Really. Danieles work is stunning, breathtaking. As was to be expected by an artist like him.

That, dear reader, was the very reason for me taking some time. Because the images Daniele creates are something, which isn’t simply put on paper or screen. They are something, that create shapes and creatures right within my head. And that is a good thing, since it is pure inspiration. You know how priceless inspiration is to someone like me.

As always, when I’m looking at Danieles creations. Pure reality is only a guest in his works, reduced to the dark essence of what he wants us to see. What he doesn’t show us is, what our eyes don’t need to see. Just like a good story told the artist deserts us to our own imagination and fears, lost in the dark like a kid in a forgotten forest.

Girls and skulls, the embodiments of life and death, are a common theme. I have told him in the past that his art is giving me the creeps (in a very good and sinister sense, of course) and I have only one word for it.

Within life there is death. None can be without the other.

Good eyamples for this can be found in his pictures „Seeds“, in „Love“ and „Breath“, and many others. Really striking is „Goodbye“, where girl and death seem to stare at each other. It makes me think of the girl trying to resist the inevitable. Like we all do. And we know, what will happen in the end. To everyone.

When Daniele derives from that pattern of dark profiles he shows us the full mortality of our very own existence, rotting houses and buildings, forgotten in the course of time. Like in the landscapes „Morning“, „Ashes“ and „Light“. Nothing excapes fate, we all will meet the ghastly und ghoulish consequence of being mortal.

So how is „Veins and Skulls“? It’s worth every precious minute you’re spending with it…

Veins and Skulls will be/was released in December 2013

Artwork © 2013 Daniele Serra


Always worth a visit: Daniele Serra’s website: http://www.multigrade.it/

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